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Clayson, Bainer & Saunders, A Professional Law Corporation

Representing Clients in Corona for Over a Century

Walter S. Clayson left the law firm of O'Melveny & Meyers to practice law in his hometown of Corona, California in 1910, and our firm was formed. He served the developing citrus industry in the Corona area by protecting its water rights and advising growers and packers. Walter gained a distinguished regional reputation in business, agriculture and water law, and soon attracted other attorneys with similar reputations as he grew the practice.

The firm was the first member of the Corona Chamber of Commerce, joining in 1914 and playing a major part in its formation, and also assisted in shaping Corona's future. Walter served as the Corona City Attorney for more than 20 years, and served as the city's Justice of Peace as well. In 1955 Roy H. Mann left a large Los Angeles law firm to join our firm. Roy was skilled in business and litigation problem solving and was instrumental in transforming the once agricultural and water law firm into a business law firm, which kept pace with the changing regional economy.

Derrill Yaeger joined the firm in 1963 and quickly earned his reputation as a leader in planning and development. He was instrumental in making the Corona area one of the fastest growing in California, as well as shaping the face of all of the Inland Empire.

In 1971, the firm constructed our award-winning office building at the corner of Sixth and Main Streets in Corona.

Historically, the members of the firm have come from all areas of the nation and been graduates of at least 10 different law schools. They are diverse in their religious and political affiliations, and many have backgrounds outside the practice of law prior to joining the firm, including industrial chemistry, theology and university administration. Three of our attorneys have gone on to become Superior Court Judges. Our firm has evolved into a business, litigation, and real estate practice that supports the phenomenal growth of the Inland Empire economy through high-quality legal services.

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